Unlimited opportunities

If you want to live, study or invest abroad, count on Rotunno.


Creating value

We are focused on global mobility and here we offer, for people and companies, the opportunity to expand horizons, businesses and possibilities. If you want to live, study or invest abroad, count on Rotunno.

We are all over Brazil and abroad, helping Brazilian and foreign clients with their immigration challenges or to find their international roots.

 Value across borders | Rotunno Cidadania

Why hire Rotunno:

Tell us your need and we will present all the ways
to open new frontiers.

  • We strictly follow the guidelines of each international body

  • We have a highly skilled and multidisciplinary team to meet your needs

  • We have 5 service units in Brazil to provide face-to-face service

  • We use the latest technologies to carry out all processes quickly and safely

  • Our communication channels are fast and transparent. When you have any questions, we will always be available

  • We specialize in dozens of processes from different countries in the world

We have the best solutions
in immigration

Start your citizenship now

Focused on global mobility

Who is Rotuno Cidadania

Meet the Rotunno

Testimonials from our customers

  • Maria Clara's testimonial | Rotunno Cidadania
    Gabriella Gazoli

    I hired Rotunno to advise me with my Italian citizenship, which was a very complicated case and they were (...)

  • Ana Lúcia's testimonial | Rotunno Cidadania
    Tatiane Favoreto

    The company renders its services with mastery and deserves to be praised for that. We are grateful to have entrusted our dream (...)

  • Paulo Quinqueto's testimonial | Rotunno Cidadania
    Clodoaldo Frozza Sanches

    I thought several times about doing it on my own, but after putting all the investment made on balance (...)

  • Depoimento Paulo Quinqueto | Rotunno Cidadania
    Ricardo Longo

    We did it! The whole family with Italian citizenship! This would not be possible without the full commitment (...)

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