How to obtain Brazilian citizenship? Step by step

Diversos 20/05/2020
Como obter cidadania brasileira? Passo a passo | Rotunno Cidadania

For those foreigners who have lived in Brazil for some time and / or have fallen in love with the country, obtaining Brazilian citizenship is a great desire.








It is known that everybody born in the national territory or those children of Brazilians who were born abroad have guaranteed Brazilian citizenship, but how to get it in the case of foreigners?








If you want to know everything about how to apply for Brazilian citizenship  and become a person with Brazilian nationality and with all the rights of the country, then be sure to follow this text until the end!








Guidelines for obtaining Brazilian citizenship








Let's start this step by step talking about the general guidelines for those who want to obtain Brazilian citizenship, that is, the guidelines for making the application.








The first thing to know is that the application must be made at one of the headquarters of the Brazilian Federal Police, after which it will be sent to the Ministry of Justice.








The requisition must include all documents that are necessary for the type of naturalization desired by the foreigner.








After the application for Brazilian nationality has been granted or accepted, it will be published in the “Diário Oficial da União” (DOU).








And what are the requirements for someone who wants to obtain Brazilian citizenship?








Requirements for obtaining Brazilian citizenship








Foreigners wishing to apply for and obtain Brazilian citizenship can be divided into three distinct groups, which are:.








                                • Those from countries where Portuguese is the official language.
















                                • Those who have the statute that gives equality to the Portuguese people.
















                                • Those who are of any foreign nationality
















For different kinds of foreigners, according to these groups, the requirements for applying for Brazilian nationality are different.Get in touch and start your process















Foreigners from Portuguese-speaking countries








The first case is of foreigners who come from countries in which Portuguese is the official language, except for Portuguese people, such as those from Angola or Cape Verde, for example.








In this situation, these foreigners need only proof that they have residency in Brazil, on an interrupted and regular basis, for one year in the country.








In addition, moral integrity is also required, which would be a good reputation, based on respectability and honor, just to name a few examples.








Foreigners from any other nationality








As for foreigners from other countries of any nationality, the time required to obtain Brazilian citizenship is at least 15 years of residency in an uninterrupted (and also regular) manner.








Furthermore, they also cannot have any type of criminal conviction, apart from the fact that these foreigners, in order to be entitled to Brazilian nationality, must apply for it.








Equality statute to the Portuguese








Finally, there is the case of the equality statute to the Portuguese people, which was stipulated by the Treaty of Friendship between Brazil and Portugal.








Through this agreement, reciprocal equality of political and civil rights between the citizens of both countries is granted.








In other words, for the Portuguese people who have residency here in Brazil, on a permanent basis, rights similar to the Brazilian people are attributed, even without requesting and obtaining Brazilian nationality.








Documents for obtaining Brazilian citizenship








The list of documents required for those wishing to obtain Brazilian citizenship is enormous and varies according to the type of process that has been requested.








The most common of these is ordinary naturalization, which is when a person decides to become a Brazilian citizen on a voluntary way, as long as he or she is within all the stipulated requirements.








For this type of procedure, they need documents such as:








                                • Application form filled in and duly signed by those applying for Brazilian citizenship.
















                                • A copy of the National Migration Registration Card and also the original.
















                                • Proof of CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration) status.
















                                • Declaration of interest in adapting or translating the name to the Portuguese language.
















                                • Criminal record certificate (which can be issued by the State or Federal Courts) of all places where you have resided in the last 5 years
























The complete list of documents required to obtain Brazilian citizenship can be found on the Ministry of Justice website.
















As you have seen, many foreigners wish to obtain Brazilian citizenship, but the process is different depending on the country of origin.








In this text, we show how it is possible, through the main steps, to apply for Brazilian nationality, in order to make it easier for those who want to become naturalized.








If you are a foreigner and wish to become a Brazilian citizen, Rotunno Cidadania can assist you in this process.








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