Italian Citizenship

Get recognition of your Italian citizenship in just a few steps.

Am I entitled to citizenship?

Who is entitled?

About 30 million Brazilians have the right to apply for dual citizenship.
Rotunno is a reference in the country in Italian citizenship processes. understand if you have right:

I want to know if I'm entitled
  • Italian citizenship by descent

    Italian citizenship is granted to every Italian descendant, with no generational limit and no gender distinction.

  • Italian citizenship by marriage

    Anyone who has been married to an Italian for at least three years can apply for citizenship. If you have children, the time is cut in half.

  • Italian citizenship by residence

    People who have legally resided in Italy for more than 10 years can be naturalized Italians.

What are the paths to being an
Italian citizen?

You can apply for Italian citizenship in three ways and
Rotunno can help you in each of them.

  • 0.1

    Italian citizenship by
    Judicial Process

    You can apply for citizenship directly at the Civil Court in any province, to avoid long waiting lines at consulates, with the help of a lawyer. As a result, the average time to obtain citizenship is 24 months.

  • 0.2

    Administrative Citizenship in Italy

    An option is to travel to Italy and do the administrative process. This option is indicated for those who wish to reside legally in the country and enter the process directly on Italian territory.

  • 0.3

    Cidadania Italiana via Consulado
    no Brasil

    Entrada do processo via consultado no Brasil, que conta com 6 endereços oficiais: SP, RJ, BH, PR, RS e PE. Forma mais utilizada, mas com uma fila longa, que pode demorar até 15 anos para a convocação.

Talk to Rotunno and start your Italian citizenship process

Pack your bags and leave the bureaucracy to us


Learn the steps for
citizenship recognition

We p we remain a complete and specialized consultancy for the
obtaining citizenship process. Find out below all the steps that our team will perform:

  • Genealogical

  • Search
    of certificates

  • Analysis of

  • Preparation
    of documents

  • Registration
    at the consulate

  • Delivery of

  • Follow the
    finalization of the

  • Entry into
    Italian passport

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