Portuguese Citizenship

Get recognition of your Portuguese citizenship in a few steps.

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Who is entitled?

It is possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship by descent, by marriage or by length of residence. Learn how each process works.

I want to know if I'm entitled
  • Portuguese citizenship by descent

    Portuguese citizenship is granted to only direct Portuguese descendant, regardless of gender.

  • Portuguese citizenship by marriage

    Anyone who has been married to a Portuguese for at least three years can apply for citizenship. If you have children, the time is cut in half.

  • Portuguese citizenship by residence

    People who have legally resided in Portugal for more than 5 years can be naturalized Portuguese.

What are the paths to being an
Portuguese citizen?

You can apply for Portuguese citizenship in three ways and
Rotunno can help you in each of them.

  • 0.1

    Portuguese citizenship by descent
    (Jus Sanguini)

    Portuguese citizenship is granted only to direct descendants of Portuguese, without distinction of gender.

  • 0.2

    Portuguese Citizenship by Investment
    (Golden Visa)

    Through the Golden Visa, foreigners who invest in the country for five years will be entitled to apply for Portuguese nationality.

  • 0.3

    Investor Visa

    This process targets a Portuguese residence visa, allowing the applicant to live and legally work in the country through starting a business in Portuguese territory, as well as entitlement to apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years of legal residency in the country.

  • 0.4

    Visa for retired
    or income own (D7)

    The D7 visa can be requested by a retiree who proves the means of subsistence for a period of not less than 12 months.

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Learn the steps for
citizenship recognition

We p we remain a complete and specialized consultancy for the
obtaining citizenship process. Find out below all the steps that our team will perform:

  • Genealogical

  • Search
    of certificates

  • Analysis of

  • Preparation
    of documents

  • Registration
    at the consulate

  • Delivery of

  • Follow the
    finalization of the

  • Entry into
    Portuguese passport

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